Bork Transport was founded in 1972 in Des Moines, Iowa. We have grown in the liquid bulk transportation industry under the leadership of our President, Tom Rowe. Our business has grown through dedicated-metered herbicide deliveries, multi-compartment chemical shipments and becoming a dedicated carrier for many of the largest chemical companies in the United States.


President: Tom Rowe

Tom started his career in transportation in 1975 with a transport carrier in Florence, Alabama named Chem Haulers. His responsibilities included recruiting, training and accident investigations in the safety department. From there Tom was given the opportunity to work for two large carriers for a combination of 25 years. He worked in both safety and operations at F.J Sibr in Chicago and Liquid Transport in Indianapolis. The positions he held were Vice President of Safety, Vice President of Operations and Executive Vice President.

In 1987, Tom went to work with a small tank carrier based in Des Moines, Iowa called Iowa Bork Transport Inc. and held positions of Vice President and President. In November of 2000 Tom purchased the company. Bork Transport began using several new resources which included better financial resources and improvements in technology.

Executive Vice President: John Reed

John is responsible for all aspects of operations, safety, equipment, new business ventures and driver recruitment, contracts with customers,

  • 1978-1998—Foreman for all operations at Chemcentral . Chemcentral grew from a small family owned chemical company to third largest in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • 1998-2004—Asst Plant Supervisor at Chemcentral
  • 2004-2007—-Chicago Plant Manager at Chemcentral
  • 2007-2011—Chicago District Manager for Univar. World’s largest Chemical distributor.
  • 2011-present—Started in operations. Promoted to Vice President in 2014. Bork Transportation of Illinois

Vice President of Safety: Mike Tallaksen

  • Mike is the past Chairman I.T.A. Safety Management Council, a member of A.T.A. Safety Management Council, and Past Industry Advisory Chairman of C.V.S.A.
  • Past NTTC Safety Management Council Chairman
  • Mike serves on the Executive Board of the Commercial Vehicle Section of the National Safety Council and an instructor of the Defensive Driving
  • Mike has taken the course for the Professional Truck Driver (DDC-PTD-8), also Illinois Third Party tester for C.D.L.
  • Voting member of CVSA driver and Vehicle committees
  • Vice Chairman of NAIC
  • 2001 Safety Director of the year Illinois Trucking Association
  • First Industry member to ever receive an Outstanding Achievement Award from CVSA, September 2003, April 2005
  • Received National Tank Truck Carriers Safety Director of the year for the Year of 2004 and also the Heil Trophy highest honor in the tank truck industry.
  • In September 2009 and 2012 received the CVSA President’s award. (First industry person to receive this award and first person to receive the award 2 times)